Inverted Machining Solutions

Welcome to Modig Machine Tool, your reliable manufacturer of inverted machining solutions. Next generation of machine tools.

Inverted machining is turning the industry upside down.

MODIG’s inverted machining centers set new standards in productivity, precision, and speed by processing from below.

With the world’s first inverted machines, MODIG transforms our thinking about generic five-axis part and component machining and sets a new standard for machining. The industry has been waiting for the next shift in performance after the CNC machines debuted during the ’60s and horizontal machining centers in the ’80s. Inverted machining means a new way of performance with the spindle machining from below.

Thinking new is not new to MODIG; it’s a continuation of MODIG’s decade-long technological leadership positioning and trend-setting machine tool designs. So, let’s think inverted!

Inverted oriented spindle- the next generation machine tool
Automotive parts manufacturing


Our machining solutions enable fast cut-to-cut times and add value to automotive part manufacturers. They are ideal for components with high complexity and large volumes, including engine cases.

Aerospace part machining


Find your machining solution for aerospace parts manufacturing. Our aerospace machining solutions improve productivity, precision, and cost-effectiveness, providing a competitive edge.


We offer precise machining solutions for the semiconductor industry, ensuring minimum tolerance on flatness, surface finish, and dimensional precision of semiconductor components.

Inverted Machining Centers

MODIG proudly presents the IM range: customized machining solutions processing from below, with a wide range of design options and features, including:

  • High-torque and high-power options.
  • 4- or 5 axis.
  • Inverted trunnion tables in multiple sizes.
  • Optional mill-turn.
  • Automation options including a pallet system and overhead mill turn.
  • Suitable for cast iron, die casting, aluminum, titanium, composite, and steel.
  • Industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy equipment and more.
IM machine series inverted machine tools and solutions from Modig Machine Tool

What is Inverted Machining?

The short answer would be that an inverted machining center is a vertical machining center turned upside down. An inverted machine is, in other words, a machining solution with a spindle processing from below. However, the question has a more complex answer, as inverted machining is an entirely new revolutionary manufacturing method when it comes to machining.

Engine case for an electric vehicle a pertfekt match for Modig´s inverted machine tools

Increased demand for higher and higher tolerances

Today, everything from the body of a smartphone to an airplane is manufactured by machining. The complexity of these products and components is continually increasing. Traditional manufacturing methods for these products use vertical milling machines with a tool machining from above over a workpiece or horizontal milling machines where the device works from the side. But there is an increasing demand for higher and higher tolerance. To match these requests, there is a need for enhanced solutions.

Inverted machining center from Modig Machine Tool,

Inverted machining – The MODIG way

To meet the increasing need for improved machining solutions with higher speed and precision and improved handling of removed material, MODIG needed to think outside the box. After many simulations, it turned out that when the cutting tool was working from below, it was possible to effectively remove chips from the workpiece. Further, the design allows for a more stable machine, improving speed and precision.

With all its advantages over traditional processing methods, the machine with a spindle working from below was born. This is available with single or multi-spindle options. Discover our Inverted machining solutions

Why an inverted machine?

Why inverted machining?

Machining center processing from below offers several machining benefits over traditional processes. These include:

  • Extremely rigid
  • Optimal chip handling
  • Incredibly fast cut to  cut time
  • Reduced footprint

Learn more about the advantages of inverted machining in the blog post Why Inverted Machining?

How Rigid Is an Inverted Machine?

In today’s production, we strive for even tighter tolerances and better precision, which requires stable and reliable processes. Based on this, MODIG created the inverted machining centers. With technical ingenuity and the ability to meet our customers’ needs, MODIG has built a stable machine with a cast iron base around the structure. Indeed, the construction makes the machine highly rigid and extremely fast—as well as a reduced footprint.

”Rigid, Inverted, Think Upside Down!”

For that reason, the engineers at MODIG have managed to separate the forces that occurred from the trunnion table’s vertical movement from the spindle’s horizontal directions to make the machine more stable. Doing this has reduced the side-to-side forces so that it does not affect performance, and the machine works with best-in-class precision.

Optimal Chip Handling with Inverted Machining Centers

How do you build a machine with an optimal chip-handling system?

This question has been a million-dollar question for machine builders throughout history. By turning the machining industry upside down and introducing inverted machining centers, MODIG is as close as possible to optimal chip handling today. Working inverted means easier chip evacuation with less consumption of coolant. The gravity makes the chips fall with a natural flow from the workpiece and the working area.

Turning the machine world upside down

For many machined components, there has been a problem with vertical and horizontal machining centers where chips fill up the work piece’s pockets and, after a while, the whole working area. Even if a horizontal approach creates more natural chip removal, the solution has not been perfect. Before, operators had to stop the machine for manual removal of chips. With machining centers processing from below, MODIG has set a new standard for chip handling.